2016 West Regional Review

13232923_10153597757821200_1372996700277713314_n29th place…that’s where Team Lions finished. Couple of workouts that we could have done a bit better in but overall we did what we expected to do going in. The competition was fierce, especially in the US teams which dominated the top of the competition standings. The top Canadian team finished in 13th place. You get the idea.

Now for the real point of the weekend. Did we enjoy ourselves? Fuck yeah. What a great event to be a part of. It was so cool to through down with so many incredible athletes and to be able to workout in front of thousands of people in the same stadium that the Portland Trailblazers play. We beat out 100 plus gyms in Canada West who would have loved to have had the opportunity to make Regionals and Lions was the only gym on the North Shore to qualify. Our goal since the end of the 2015 Open was to make Regionals. We did that. We knew once we were there that it was unlikely a lot of events would allow us to show off our fitness and that rang true with this years programming. Team competitions aren’t about how broadly fit you are. They are about you having the required skills, the required strength and then being able to move very quickly in a short time domain. Team Lions had the skills but we were well short on the strength and didn’t move quick enough. That means we have stuff to work on in 2016/17…and I love that challenge.

A big, huge, massive thank you to all in the Lions family who came down to Portland to support the Team. Coach Shayan helped out a ton all weekend and looked after all our fragile egos beautifully. I want to thank my lovely pregnant wife Barbara for being such a trooper, putting in the full day every day at the event. Thank you also to Camila, Carla, Debs, Mike, Anthony, Alissa, Chambo, Jamie, Mariliam, Hugo and Sabastian for cheering us on regardless if we were dropping down a last place finish on the floor. Love you guys.

To my teammates Annie, Scott, Gill, Kathryn and John it was a pleasure sharing the floor with you. Congrats to all of you for having such a great season of training and working your ass off this past weekend. Its now time to get behind Scott who is competing in his second CrossFit Games in 10 weeks or so.

Last but far from least is a big shout out to all of the Lions members who signed up and contributed to our Open performance and even those who didn’t but were always supporting and cheering us on during training. Competing is a great outlet for all the hard work you put in at the gym and I hope to see more and more of you looking to join in on the fun. If you are considering doing so please talk to me and I can help you get started down that path. You don’t need to be a Regional level athlete to compete in this sport, that’s whats so cool about it.

Coach Chris