North Vancouver CrossFit Lions was established in 2008 and has been a leader in CrossFit training in British Columbia in both competitive and class based CrossFit programming. We have a stellar reputation and an athlete roster that boasts newbies and top end athletes alike.

CrossFit is not to be taken lightly and there is no substitute for experience, not just in the trainers but in who is programming your workouts daily and whos responsibility it is to make sure you are getting the most out of those workouts. Nobody does that better than us. CrossFit Lions, all work and no fuss..

Crossfit Lions is owned and operated by Chris Harrison. Chris grew up in West Vancouver and has been an avid CrossFitter since 2005. He has been coaching Crossfit for 7 years and is one of the most experienced CrossFit trainers/programmers in BC (some might say he has taught the most CrossFit classes of anyone in BC since 2008).

We’re the first in Canada and 3rd in the world to incorporate a Rig into our floorplan. Our custom Rig has 8 individual power station, 16 pull-up bars and 8 sets of rings. We also have a Westside R3 rack for those athletes looking to do banded squats/bench press etc and a Reverse Hyper, also designed by Westside Barbell to work the posterior chain. CrossFit Lions is outfitted with enough equipment for 16 plus person classes, though we rarely get up to that number. We have ropes to climb up, medicine balls to throw and spin bikes and airdynes to ride. Everything we need to put you through the most effective broad based fitness program you would ever want.