Easter Weekend Schedule

March 28, 2018
Have a great long weekend team. See ya next week.  Scott Tasaka is teaching Friday and Saturday and yours truly will see you Monday. Good Friday 9 & 10am Saturday 9 & 10am Easter Monday 9 & 10am

Wednesday Jan 31st

January 30, 2018
Warm up 3 sets 1 bear crawl 1 crab crawl 8 curly jeffs Weightlifting Push Press 5x3 Metcon With a 12 minute cap 2 rounds 21 cal row 32 double unders 7 squat cleans @ 155/105 2 rounds 21 cal row 21 C2B pull-ups 5 squat cleans @ 185/135 athletes notes: squat cleans in the first section should be doable for 7 reps. In the second section you should be able to do relatively quick singles. Double unders should be a breeze. Do

Holiday Class Schedule

December 17, 2017
Sunday Dec 24th - Closed Monday Dec 25th - Closed Tuesday Dec 26th - 9am Wednesday Dec 27th - 8am & 5:30pm Thursday Dec 28th (CrossFit not movement) -  8am & 5:30pm Friday Dec 29th - 8am & 5:30pm Saturday Dec 30th - 9am Sunday Dec 31st - Closed Monday Jan 1st - Closed Tuesday Jan 2nd - Normal Schedule check our instagram '@crossfitlions' for a potential Jan 1st class. We will be doing the 12 days of Chri


January 17, 2017
CURLY JEFF Mobility for the posterior chain. The CURLY JEFF will help you stretch and strengthen your posterior chain. The weight should be minimal to start (5-10LB) and done PAIN FREE. [embed][/embed] //   ACTIVE PIGEON Active pigeon is a hip opener. If you have tight hips, sore knees or a tight lower back pigeon will help you to actively stretch your hips and glutes. [embed]

Holiday Class Schedule

December 12, 2016
Dec 24th: 9am Dec 25th: Closed Dec 26th: Closed Dec 27th: Closed Dec 28th: 8am, 5:30pm Dec 29th: 8am, 5:30pm Dec 30th: 8am, 5:30pm Dec 31st: 9am Jan 1st: Closed Jan 2nd: Closed * Check our facebook page as there may be classes added on the days when the gym is closed.

Monday Sept 19th

September 18, 2016
P1: 1 min rowing 1min russian swings 1 min KB deadlifts 1 min assault P2: 5 fast back squats EMOM for 10 min *No pause at the top of the rep. This isn't about weight its about speed and volume P3: 4 sets: DB box step ups 5 per leg 7 barbell rows 5 strict pull-ups 10 Db flys P4: 50 burpees for time

2016 West Regional Review

May 26, 2016
29th place...that's where Team Lions finished. Couple of workouts that we could have done a bit better in but overall we did what we expected to do going in. The competition was fierce, especially in the US teams which dominated the top of the competition standings. The top Canadian team finished in 13th place. You get the idea. Now for the real point of the weekend. Did we enjoy ourselves? Fuck yeah. What a great event to be a part of. It was

Lions Summer 16 Get Huge 10 Week Program

May 25, 2016
Here is a sample of week 1. I just copied and pasted it from Word hence why the columns are a bit messed up when pasted to the site. You get the idea.   Monday Weightlifting Clean and Jerk variant   Suggested: Find a max 2 Hi-Hang Cleans + 2 Push Jerks   *The Suggested is just a suggested. If you feel like working a different variation of the movement then have at it. For example you could do simply a max

2016 CrossFit Open Review

April 11, 2016
Well the 2016 CrossFit Open is behind and its time to take a look back and dig into how the open went. The Open Programming: This is a great place to start.  The Rx programming of this Open was in my opinion the best overall Open programming to date. The scaled version still has a long way to go. I would love to see an intermediate category next year. For almost all our scaled athletes it was too easy. Week 1-4 were the highlight and I thi

Easter Weekend Class Schedule

March 24, 2016
Friday March 25th: 8am + 9am Saturday March 26th: 9am + 10am Sunday March 27th: closed Monday March 28th: 8am + 5:30pm Also a reminder that Reebok Canada is hosting their 16.5 event at CrossFit North Vancouver this Saturday. Three high end CrossFit Games athletes including the #1 in Canada West female will be doing the workout at 1pm (ish). Its free and should be lots of fun. The three ladies are Rebecca Voigt, Michele Letendre, and Emi

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