competition training at crossfit lions

Are you looking to test your fitness against the best in the Vancouver, the best in the West or the best in the world? Then you need a gym that is going to provide you the time, the space and the coaching to make that happen.

Let start with what makes training as a competitor at CrossFit Lions different. There is no additional cost to train competitive programming at Lions. You can train anytime, there are no black out times for competitors. You don’t have to follow the same programming that the rest of Team Lions is following. If you are on a strength cycle or a gymnastics kick or focusing on your engine, you have the freedom to do what you want in our space. If you want to add in extra volume to a given session you are welcome to do so. For a fee you can even get a key to the gym for all those Saturday at 1am sessions you might want to thrown down.

Programming. There are a bunch of great competition programs in the market now. What we learn every year during Games Season is that there is not one particular program that is more successful than others at producing Games caliber athletes. As long as the program is well thought out, high volume and focused on weightlifting and difference making gymnastics movements it’s going to provide 99% of CrossFitters what they need to improve in competitions. This season we have switched from Invictus Comp to Competition Training, Ben Bergerons Regional competitor programming. Our comp athletes meet at 7am or 4:30-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. 9am on Saturdays and lots come for yoga or rowing on Thursday at 5:30pm. Custom programs are also available to be purchased if you want a program tailored completely to your needs.

CrossFit Lions has had athletes compete at the CrossFit Games both as individuals and a Team. We have had multiple individual athletes and a Team competing every year at The Canada West Regional. We are consistently one of Greater Vancouver top 5 gyms in The Open and have finished the top North Shore gym 4 of the 5 years the Open has been held.

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