current crossfitters start at Crossfit Lions

Current CrossFitter (local)

Current CrossFitters are more than welcome to join the Lions family. If you have had 3 months or more experience at another CrossFit affiliated gym than you are able to join CrossFit Lions without having to pay for our Element Sessions or any additional fee.

The best way to get started if you are a current CrossFitter is to schedule a class to come drop in and see if you like the gym and our training philosophy (this class is free). You are also welcome to setup a time with me where we can sit down and discuss in detail what we do at Lions, how that will fit into your goals and any other questions you may have. Picking the right gym for you is really important and I highly suggest you do this.

If you are a few years removed from CrossFit and are a little shaky on your technique and you would like to schedule few personal sessions to freshen up on the movements, you are encouraged to do so.

If you are looking to skip the element session and have done CrossFit style workouts but not a CrossFit gym then please contact me and we can setup a free evaluation session to determine where you are with our movements.

Current CrossFitter (Visitor)

If you CrossFit at another CrossFit affiliated gym and are from out of town we would love to have you join us for a class at CrossFit Lions. One of my favorite things is to welcome CrossFitters from other parts of the world into our family for however long they are here. Please email so we know to watch out for you.


Drop in: $20
Weekly: $60