8 week macro based program ( total calories broken down into protein, carbs and fats).

Custom designed to your current level of activity, goals, and diet habits.

Cutting (losing fat) | Bulking (increase muscle mass) | Maintaining


This was the missing piece in my fitness program. I tried every diet under the sun and they all worked to a degree but like so many of us when you are finished with the diet you end up gradually (or in some cases very quickly) rising back up to the weight and body fat level you started at. So what made this the single most important thing I’ve done for my fitness over the years? Sustainability.

This plan will teach you that you can eat what you want as long as its within your daily macro totals. This principle isn’t a diet, its just physiological fact.  Eat more than your daily needs and you will gain weight, eat the right amount and you will stay the same and eat less and you will lose weight.

I blindly followed the Paleo diet for years without much success. I thought it was ok to eat bacon in the morning, pork sausage in the afternoon and a steak at night. A Paleo website says butter is fine so I’ll cook with that constantly. Guess what? All that extra fat was keeping me fat. Think about it fat has 9 calories per g. A carb and protein has 4. Its very easy to overeat fat and take you way past your caloric needs on a daily basis.

If you are someone like me who was training hard but not getting the body composition you deserve then this plan is right for you. We will decrease your body fat while maintaining and in some cases increasing your lean muscle tissue. This plan will be the building blocks to long term, sustainable eating patterns that will give you the athlete the ability to maximize your potential.

Email to sign up or with any questions you have. I love talking about this stuff so please don’t hesitate to message me.