I started doing CrossFit a couple of times a week, about two years ago and since then my body has completely changed.  I’ve never felt better, and credit it to the workouts themselves, as well as the motivation crossfit gives me to eat cleaner meals.  The dynamics of the gym and everyone in there is perfectly competitive to push me beyond what I would do on my own.  Chris ensures that we are performing the exercises with proper technique to prevent injuries, and provides yoga and physio to help compliment the work the body is doing.  Long story short….i’m hooked!



Before coming to CrossFit I did not have any previous experience with weightlifting or strength training. The coaches are great about modifying workouts if you are new or have an existing injury. They make sure you train in a safe and sustainable manner to ensure consistent progress and results. I have seen great results in a short amount of time…and I  actually enjoy taking my shirt off at the beach now!!



When I started CrossFit 5 yrs ago at North Vancouver CrossFit Lions, I had no idea the impact it would have on my physical health, mental health and overall fitness abilities. CrossFit is not about just lifting heavy weights or doing huge amounts of cardio. It incorporates all different types of movements into one ass kicking workout. It also has an amazing community surrounding it and I have made so many great friends.