Wednesday Jan 31st

Warm up
3 sets
1 bear crawl
1 crab crawl
8 curly jeffs

Push Press 5×3

With a 12 minute cap
2 rounds
21 cal row
32 double unders
7 squat cleans @ 155/105
2 rounds
21 cal row
21 C2B pull-ups
5 squat cleans @ 185/135

athletes notes: squat cleans in the first section should be doable for 7 reps. In the second section you should be able to do relatively quick singles. Double unders should be a breeze. Do single skips if it will take you more than a minute to do 32 double unders. Pull-ups should be done in 3 sets or less. Adjust reps and progression as needed. The vast majority of people aren’t going to get close to finishing this wod. that is fine.
coaches notes: Spend 5 min before this workout to go over squat clean technique. Put our focus today on fast elbows.