Friday Jan 19th

January 18, 2018
Warm up 3 rounds 8 single leg RDL with KB 8 box step up, controlled descent, per leg 16 hip extensions athletes notes: it should take 2 or 3 seconds to descent on the box step ups. Hip extensions should be done on a bench with a 2 sec hold at the top Weightlifting  A. 3x3 Shoulder Press B. 3x3 Deadlift rest as needed between sets, no more than 30 sec rest between press and dead. athletes notes: you will warm up both exercises at the

Wednesday Jan 17th

January 16, 2018
Warm - Up  3 min row/bike/ski 3 sets: 1 min bottom of squat 8 Cossaks Squats per side 20 KB hamstring pulse per side Conditioning  2 rounds 30/23 cal row,bike or ski 30 wallballs Weightlifting Clean (5 x 1+1) 5 sets, ascending weight 1 squat clean thruster 1 power clean and split jerk coaches notes: take 5 min or so to go over the squat clean thruster/ power clean and split jerk technique. Accessory 3x6 single leg

Tuesday Jan 16th

January 15, 2018
Warm Up  3 sets: 10 cuban presses at light weight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiGNewVNbZY 10 reverse flys while lying on a bench, stomach down Gymnastics emom for 18 min: 1 - 3-5 strict pull-ups/muscle ups 2- 5-10 strict HSPU / seated DB Press 3 - rest athletes notes: If you are using a band for the pull-ups pick one that is doable but challenging for 5 reps. If you don't have strict muscle ups but 5 strict pull-ups are pretty ea

Monday Jan 15th

January 14, 2018
Warm Up EMOM for 8 min min 1: 30 sec moderate row/ski/bike min 2: 8 burpee to a plate Quad smash w/ barbell couch stretch 90 sec per side Weightlifting Back Squat 5x5 ascending weight athletes notes: we are going to go over this juggernaut style that is taught in this video. If you have sometime take a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlHgCnIxsJY Conditioning Amrap 15 minutes 10 DB push press (1 arm) 15 push-up burpee t

Friday Jan 12th

January 11, 2018
Warm up  EMOM 10 minutes odd- Row 20 seconds + 4 empty bar jump squats even- Row 20 seconds + 4 empty bar hang power snatch coaches notes: this can be row/bike/ski or jump rope. Spend a few minutes going over the hang power snatch with dowels before starting this warm up Weightlifting  Squat snatch tech ( 5 min) Work up to a 1 RM squat snatch (12 min) athletes notes: for new athletes you can keep this bar lighter and work on t

Wednesday July 10th

January 9, 2018
Warm up 5 min cardio 3 sets: 10 curly jeffs 10 scap pull-ups there and back duck walk Weightlifting Push press & Push jerk tech (5 min)  Push Press 3 rep max ( 12 min) Push Jerk 2 rep max  ( 8 min) athletes notes: be aware of the rebend of your knees on the push press. Its very common when things get heavy for athletes to want to drop themselves under the bar. That is not allowed in the push press. No split jerking for the p

Tuesday Jan 9th

January 8, 2018
Tuesday January 9th If you arrive early and have some extra time then thank you, please get a roller and roll your quads or a lacrosse ball and roll your glutes and they will also thank you!!   A. Warmup 2mins skipping, biking or skiing 2mins rowing then, as a group we will go over some positional clean warmups   Weightlifting B. 5mins to warm up power clean technique 10min EMOM: 2 Power cleans (not touch a

Monday Jan 8th

January 7, 2018
W/U  3 sets: 1 min jump rope 1 min box step ups 1 min lunges athlete notes: don't go fast on the lunges. make everyone deliberate Weightlifting EMOM for 10 min perform 10 front squats athletes notes: You will pick a load before you start and try and maintain that weight. This is a lot of reps so choose wisely. If your wrists start getting sore you can switch to having your palms ontop of the bar. coaches notes: show the class both f

Friday Jan 5th

January 4, 2018
W/U  EMOM 15 min 1- bike 40 seconds 2- Ski erg/ box step ups 40 seconds 3- row 40 seconds athlete notes: this is a warm up. You can increase intensity as the minutes increase but you should never be breathing really hard Weightlifting A: Bench Press 7x2 rest 90 between sets. Includes w/u sets coaches notes: grip width will be the same as press/deadlift etc.  B: Supine barbell Row 6x6 For speed, rest about 20-30 seco

Wednesday Jan 3rd

January 2, 2018
W/U  A. 3 rounds 200m stiff leg row 200m regular row coaches notes: for larger classes bikes can also be used. 45 sec legs only bike, 45 sec normal. Ski erg would be 200m easy, 200m medium B. Lat and triceps smash with barbell on the rack. 30 sec per muscle group per side sing leg glute bridge 15 per side Weightlifting Clean (5x1+1+1+1) 1 clean pull 1 hang clean below the knees (power) 1 hang clean above the knees (power) 1 split

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