Wednesdag Aug 16th

August 15, 2017
P1: 5 min bike or row Couch stretch 3 min per Chest stretch 4 min P2: Emom for 20 min: 2 rep bench press P3: Amrap in 10 min: 10 push ups 10 single arm db snatch 35/20

Tuesday Aug 15th

August 14, 2017
P1: 3 sets: 45 sec bar hang 8 curly Jeff's 45 sec glute bridge hold P2: 3 Sounds for time: 800m run 25 pull ups 50 wall balls *40 time cap  

Monday Aug 14th

August 13, 2017
P1: 1 min per side : Lacrosse ball in hip Barbell on quad Lacrosse ball in lat 5 sets of 10 rep empty barbell backsquat P2: 12 min squat clean and jerk work 12 min hang squat snatch work P3: 5x250m row, rest 90 sec between sets  

Friday Aug 11th

August 10, 2017
P1. Warmup Row 500m 2 rounds not for time of: 10 Light wallballs 10 Box step ups 10 Jumping jacks 20 skips 30sec per side Spiderman stretch 1min in bottom of squat stretch   Then 5mins to warm up to approx 50% of your 1rm front squat before beginning P2...   P2. Tempo front squats Every 2mins for 6 sets: 5reps @ 30x2 (Build in weight over the 6 sets) * * The class will do these synchronised so that we

Wednesday Aug 9th

August 8, 2017
P1: 500m row 2 min bar hang 20 German rotations 10 db seated strict press per side Roll quads with barbell for 2 min per side P2: Every 2 min for 6 sets: 12/8 cal row 14 db snatch P3: Every 2 min for 6 sets: 10 shoulder to overhead 8 deadlifts 6 over the bar bupees 135/95 *depending on class size half the class can start with p2 and half with part 3.  

Tuesday Aug 8th

August 7, 2017
Huge congrats are due to our very own Scott Tasaka who finished 8th in the world for his age division at the CrossFit Games this past weekend. That included two first place finishes. Lots more to come on this but we are so blessed to have an athlete of Scott's caliber to try and keep up with day in and day out. Tuesday Workout P1: 3 rounds not for time: 200m farmers walk 35/20 10 air squats 5 bupees 200m run P2: EMOM for 12 min: 2

Holiday Schedule

August 3, 2017
Regular classes on Saturday morning. Gym is closed on Sunday and Monday. Reminder that Scott is competing this weekend at the CrossFit Games and you can watch all his heats on the CrossFit Games website, facebook page or live at cbs.sportsline.com . He's in 10th place after day one with the pure strength test behind him. Great start to the weekend. P1. Warmup: This part is equally, if not more, important than the rest of the strength work.

Wednesday Aug 2nd

August 1, 2017
P1: 400m run 20 walking lunges 60 sec bar hang P2: 3 sets: curly jeffs x10 single arm db rows x10 (3 sec negative) side lunge x10 P3: emom for 10 min: 2 rep power snatch P4: emom for 10 min: min 1: 10 good mornings min 2: 45 sec doulbe unders P5: 5 sets: 30 sec front plank 30 sec sit-ups

Tuesday Aug 1st

July 31, 2017
P1: 3 rounds not for time: 200m run 10 burpees 15 squats P2: Strict press 5x5 Laterall raise 5x10 Rest 90sec P3: Kb sdhp 4x15 P4: For time: 30/20 cal assault 30/20 push ups 30 wallballs 30 hang power cleans to overhead 35/20 30 front rack lunges 35/20

Monday July 31st

July 30, 2017
P1. Foam roll quads, upper back, calves until 6mins into class time   P2. 10 min Warmup "AMRAP" Run 100m 10 V-ups (or a 15sec Hollow hold) 10 Light wallballs 10 Ring rows   P3. Strength - EMOM 20: Even mins: 3 Front squats, build in weight to a heavy triple then drop to 90% of that weight for remaining sets Odd mins: 5L/5R single leg RDLs   P4. Conditioning: "Helen" 3 Rounds for time of: Run 400m

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