9am Holiday Monday Class

May 22, 2017
Coach Amy is going to teach us some Olympic lifting today.

Friday May 19th

May 19, 2017
P1: 2 min therasic opener with roller 1 min quad roll 2 min couch stretch per side 1 min pigeon per side P2: 500m row 3 sets 5 ring rows 5 push ups 15 squats P3: Emom for 10 min: 3 overhead squats P4: 3 sets: 30/20 cal bike Rest 90 sec 30/20 cal row Rest 90 sec 400m run Rest 90 sec

Wednesday May 17th

May 16, 2017
P1. Warmup 400m warmup jog 10 (per arm) Turkish getups. Focus on keeping the weight straight above you and being slow and controlled. Warm up pullups P2. Then 5mins to set up weights and scales for P3. P3. Chipper, for time: Run 800m (scale to a 1000m row) 70 Ab-Mat situps 60 Russian KB swings @ 16/24kg (Rx+ 24/32kg) 50 DB Push press @ 20/35# 40 Box jumps @ 20/24" 30 Pullups 20 Burpees (Rx+ 10 Muscle ups) Run 800m P4.

Tuesday May 16th

May 15, 2017
P1. Warmup Duelling assault bikes P2. 5mins on the clock: Handstand position practice (or specific mobility work) Try to hold a perfect handstand (kick up to wall, wall facing then freestanding with minimal spot) P3. Pullups and power cleans 14min Alternating EMOM: Even mins: X Strict pullup, Ring row or barbell row Odd mins: 2 rep Clean and Jerk (drop and reset between reps) P4. "Light DT" 5 rounds for time of: 12

Monday May 15th

May 14, 2017
P1. Warmup: 3 sets not for time: 1min single skips 10 Long Lunges (2sec stretch at the bottom of each long lunge) then: 20 (each) partner wallballs (light) P2. Squaaaaaaats! E2MOM for 16 mins: 4rep "double squat" box jumps @ 16/20" (add difficulty with weight, not height) 4rep Back squat *Box jumps and squat should both be heavy P3. 10min AMRAP 10 Wallballs 10 Russian KB Swings 20 Double unders

Friday May 12th

May 12, 2017
P1: 2 min jump rope 2 min row 2 min bike P2: 10 min max calorie row P3: 10 min to work up to a heavy 3 rep push press P4: 10 min max calorie bike P5: 10 min to work up to a heavy 3 rep bench press rest 2 min between parts

Wednesday May 10th

May 9, 2017
P1: 3 sets Duck walk Curly Jeff x8 Crab ext x8 P2: Back squat 5x3 P3: "Helen" 3 rounds for time 400m run 21 kb swings 24/16 12 pull ups P4: 5 min abs

Tuesday May 9th

May 8, 2017
P1: Active warm up -- I'll call this out in the class P2: EMOM for 21 min: min 1: 3 Push Press + DL till 40 sec mark min 2: 30 sec hard row min 3: 45 sec medium effort bike P3: 5 sets: 5 supinated pull-ups + max bar hang, rest 90 sec

Monday May 8th

May 7, 2017
P1: 6x100m ish run -- run starts at the beginning of the trail ( white post) and you run hard to the beginning of the tennis courts. Jog very slowly back and repeat 6 times. 3 of these runs are warm ups. 3 are full out sprints. P2: Pause Front Squats -- 5x5 P3: 1-10 burpees box jump do 1 burpee followed by 1 box jump, then do 2 burpees followed by 2 box jumps. Go up to 10.

Friday May 5th

May 4, 2017
Warmup for the warmup: 3 rounds: 10 PVC Passthroughs 10 PVC Overhead Reverse lunges P1. Conditioning 12min AMRAP: 4 DB-Grasshopper ground to overhead (Left, Right, Left, Right, DBs Overhead = 1 rep) 8 DB Push press (Must lock out for 1sec or more) 8 ball slams * DBs and Slam ball should be across the room from eachother if at all possible with class logistics P2. Tech: 15mins to build to a heavy set of: 1 Snatch +

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