Friday June 23rd

June 22, 2017
P1: 400m run 1 min row P2: Quad rolling 1 min per Diagonal hip stretch x10 per Ostrich walk 1 min bottom of squat P3: 3 rounds for time: 800m run 21 hang squat cleans 95/65 15 pull ups 9 over the bar burpees

Wednesday June 21st

June 20, 2017
P1: 2 min couch stretch per side 2 min pigeon pose 2 min chest stretch 2 min elbows on box or bench to open up shoulders 2 min rolling back and lats P2: Kipping pull-up technique -- 12 min standard kyp, butterfly, banded etc. P3: 4 sets with a 3 min rest after each round 3 min running clock 10 thrusters 95/65 400m run max thrusters in remaining time Thruster weight should be comfortable for 10 reps. If you aren't a par

Tuesday June 20th

June 19, 2017
P1: 3 min per side of quad smash with barbell P2: 1 min bike 1 min row 1 min box step up 1 min double unders P3: Hang Squat Snatch -- 12 min of work P4: Strict Dip Technique -- 12 min P5: up the ladder for 12 min 10 push-ups 10 KB swings 20 push-ups 20 KB swings 30 push-ups 30 KB Swings

Monday June 19th

June 18, 2017
P1: 2 sets 100m single arm waiters walk 10 goblet squats 10 ring rows P2: Bottom of squat for 4 min P3: Front squat 5x3, rest 90 sec Back squat x8 at your final front squat weight P4: 3 sets: Max set plate lunges on one leg followed by 10 fast burpees. Rest 1 min and do the other leg followed by 10 burpees. Rest 1 min P5: 4 sets 45 sec sit-ups 45 sec front plank

Saturday June 17th

June 16, 2017
P1. Warmup 5mins rowing or biking, then: 2 rounds (counted the easiest possible way) of: 20 partner burpees 20 partner wallballs 20 partner situps P2. Power clean technique 10mins to build to a somewhat challenging double of: Power clean + Push press Focus is on good foot movement and catching in a good front rack position P2. 5mins to warm up your pullups and HSPU or push press for P4 P4. The Triplet 21-15-9 for time of:

Friday June 16th

June 15, 2017
P1: 2 min per side, lacross ball in hip 2 min per side dowel in trap P2: 2 sets: 200m row 5 burpees 10 hang power cleans w/ empty bar 15 deadlifts with empty bar P3: Overhead Squat 5x3 P4: Emom for 21 min: min 1: 5 burpees + 10 KB swings min 2: 60 sec single skips min 3: 30 air squats

Wednesday June 14th

June 13, 2017
P1: 6 min rolling -- quads, calves, lats couch stretch and pigeon pose 1 min per side P2: 2 sets: 200m run 5 burpees 10 squats 15 sit-ups P3: squat clean and push jerk -- 15 min to work up to a heavy double P4: 5x10 front plate raises P5: 2x800m run, rest 3 min

Tuesday June 13th

June 12, 2017
P1: 3 sets 1 min box step ups 1 min double unders 1 min bar hang Clock rolls P2: 10 sled pushes, there and back, rest 60 sec or as close to it as possible. Take the time to add the appropriate weight per athlete. P3: Strict press 5x5 P4: 2 sets: 1 min calorie row 1 min rest 1 min burpee box jump 1 min rest 1 min pull ups 1 min rest

Monday June 12th

June 11, 2017
P1: 2 sets: 90 sec row/bike 10 goblet squats 10 kb swings P2: Toes to bar technique -- 10 min P3: 5 rounds for time: 10 front squats 135/95 10 shoulder to overhead 135/95 1 min rest P4: A. 3x20 back ext, rest as needed B. 3x20 seated db press

Saturday June 10th

June 9, 2017
P1: Flight simulator -- 10 min Unbroken double unders 5,10,15....50,45,40....5 P2: Emom for 8 min: 8 back squats Warm up to a weight you want to try and maintain for the 8 sets P3: 21,15,9 Power cleans 135/95 Over the bar burpees 400m run

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