Friday March 16th

March 15, 2018
Warm Up 3 sets: 10 cal row/ski 10 box step ups 10 single arm DB press @light load 2 min seated forward fold – athletes can prop up their bums on abmats or wallballs if they aren’t flexible enough to get into a forward fold. The legs go as wide as possible. Strength 8 min to build up to a medium weighted 5 rep deadlift 8 min HSPU technique work and go over the hand release push-up sub option. Conditioning A. “18.4” Rx For

Wednesday March 14th

March 13, 2018
Warm up 3 rounds 3 wall climbs, pause in the last HS for 10 seconds 15 prone shoulder dislocates or Prone snow angels 15 hollow body lat pull downs w/t band Prone shoulder dislocates: https://youtu.be/i6qT0ELvg6I Prone snow angels: https://youtu.be/ijr9vR9QLIM Hallow body lat pull down  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVjtOSA-dz8 Conditioning 5 x 1 minutes row or ski, rest 1 minute between set. Each round should go up in cal

Tuesday March 13th

March 12, 2018
Warm-up EMOM 10 minutes 1- Row 15/12 cals * 2- 8 wall balls *never more than 45 sec of rowing Weightlifting Hang Snatch (5 x 1+1+1 ) 1 high pull, below the knees 1 hang power, above the knees 1 hang squat , above the knees Metcon 5 rounds for time (15min time cap) 25 lateral box step ups 20/16" 15 push jerks @ 115/80 * 30 air squats 15 deadlifts @ 115/80* *Push jerk will dictate loading. Should be done in 2 sets

Monday March 12th

March 11, 2018
Warm-up   2 min cardio 2 sets: hip circle sequence* 10 hip circle squats 10 hip circle glute bridges with 2 sec hold at the top * with the band just above the knee get into a quarter squat with your knees pressed out into the band and walk sideways the length of the gym, the other sideways back and then walk forward and then backwards. Weightlifting (20 min) 5x10 DB front squats*, while resting please complete

Friday Mar 9th

March 8, 2018
Warm-Up  3 rounds: 10 cal row/bike/ski 1 duck walk 1 ostrich walk 10 scap pull-ups Metcon  "18.3" (14min time cap) RX 2 rounds for time of: 100 double-unders 20 overhead squats 100 double-unders 12 ring muscle-ups 100 double-unders 20 dumbbell snatches 100 double-unders 12 bar muscle-ups Men perform 115-lb. OHS, 50-lb. DB snatches Women perform 80-lb OHS, 35-lb DB snatches Scaled 2 rounds for time of: 100 single-und

Wednesday March 7th

March 6, 2018
Warm-up 4 rounds, rowing/biking/skiing progressively harder 30 sec row/ski/bike 8 wall balls 10 jumping air squats Weightlifting A: Hang Clean (4 x 2+1+1) 2 hang power cleans 1 hang squat clean 1 full squat, from the ground B: Split Jerk (5 x 2 + 2)  2 dip drives + 2 jerks In the dip drive, you should feel the bar come off your shoulders with some force. Remember driving into the ground means you end up on

Tuesday Feb 6th

March 5, 2018
Warm-up With 1 DB, 2 rounds per side 5 RDL (1 leg) 5 muscle clean 5 strict press 5 snatch 5 windmills (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeImkRLwU-M) coaches notes: go over the windmill exercise as lots haven't done this on its own. athletes notes: not a heavy db here but not really light either. Strength Accessory Bent over row Heavy DB, 1 arm at a time 4 sets: 6 right 6 left 6 strict ring dips rest as needed between

Monday Feb 5th

March 4, 2018
Warm up EMOM 10 minutes 1-row/ski/bike 12/10 2-10 KB swings + 10 air squats Conditioning  5 rounds for time: 30 cal row row/bike/ski 20 push ups 15 pull ups 10 HSPU *18 min time cap athletes notes: HSPU sub will be a DB push press today. Pick a weight that is doable for 5 or more reps. Push-ups should be at a progression that allows you to do 10 or more reps. No knee down push-ups. Use a box or bench. Pull-up progression should al

Friday March 2nd

March 1, 2018
Warm-Up emom for 9 min: 1- 40 sec row/bike/ski 2- 40 sec box step ups 3- 30 sec burpee attempts athletes notes: This is a warm up. Start slow and build Weightlifting (12 min) Clean (power or squat) build to a heavy single athletes notes: the goal here is to get to a weight that is about 85% of your 1RM. If you don’t know what that is then build up to something that is heavy in the hands but has no sticking points   CrossFit

Wednesday Feb 28th

February 28, 2018
Sorry guys for the late post. My workout seems to have disappeared over night. Warm - Up  Every 2 min for 12 min: 20 box step ups 10 lunges rest of the 2min hold a glute bridge Weightlifting Deadlift 5x5 athletes notes: ascend up in weight. Move up to something heavy in the hands but not at your 5 rep max Conditioning  3 rounds for time: 7 L sit pull-ups 14 DB thrusters 35/20 21 DB box step overs 35/20 coaches notes: If athl

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