Friday Aug 11th

Friday Aug 11th

P1. Warmup

Row 500m

2 rounds not for time of:
10 Light wallballs
10 Box step ups
10 Jumping jacks
20 skips

30sec per side Spiderman stretch

1min in bottom of squat stretch


Then 5mins to warm up to approx 50% of your 1rm front squat before beginning P2…


P2. Tempo front squats

Every 2mins for 6 sets:
5reps @ 30×2 (Build in weight over the 6 sets) *

* The class will do these synchronised so that we all nail the tempo 😉



P3. “The Good Life”

3 Rounds for time of:
500m Row
12 Burpees
21 Box jumps (or steps) @ 20/24″


Logistics: If there are not enough rowing machines available we may:
A: form 2 heats
B: use assault bikes instead
C: Perform P2 after P3