Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule

Regular classes on Saturday morning. Gym is closed on Sunday and Monday. Reminder that Scott is competing this weekend at the CrossFit Games and you can watch all his heats on the CrossFit Games website, facebook page or live at . He’s in 10th place after day one with the pure strength test behind him. Great start to the weekend.

P1. Warmup:

This part is equally, if not more, important than the rest of the strength work. Please don’t coast through the mobility.

Foam roll quads
Lacrosse ball in glute/hip
until the 8min mark on the class clock.
(Get a head start on this if you arrive early to class)

2 rounds not for time:
Row 250m
10 Light wallballs
10 V-ups
5 Burpees
5 Roll to straddle-sit

1min per side Spiderman hip stretch



P2. Every 3mins for 5 sets (15mins)

Row 250m (or run 200m)
15 Russian KB swings (Heavy)
5 Front squats (Heavy) *

*Score is heaviest front squat weight made

**If front rack is a challenge on your mobility then use the Safety Squat Bar


P3. Conditioning

100 Double unders
10 Front squats @ 85/135# (Rx+ 105/155#)
80 Double unders
8 Front squats
60 Double unders
6 Front squats
40 Double unders
4 Front squats
20 Double unders
2 Front squats


P4. Core work (Time permitting)

2 rounds for quality:
1-2mins Plank
50 (per side) KB side bends