Friday Feb 3rd

Friday Feb 3rd

Warm up
emom for 6 min:
1- 40 sec ski or bike
2- 15 box step ups

athletes notes: warm up pace here. Alternate the legs on the step ups

Chest opener on the rack for 90 sec
crab hip extension for 20 reps


Bench Press for load:
#1: 10 reps
#2: 8 reps
#3: 6 reps
#4: 4 reps
#5: 6 reps
#6: 8 reps
#7: 10 reps


1 min on, 1 min for 4 rounds
1- sled push
2- ski for cal
3- abmat sit-ups
4- KB Swing 24/16

Coaches notes: For larger than 8 person classes you will have one group work during the “work” time and one group work during the “rest” time. For the sled have the athletes find a weight that is challenging to push both ways but doable. It will be the responsibility of the athlete coming onto the sled to change to his or her weight. One sled will be for men and one sled for ladies. Break up the class accordingly. We will sled in the pull-up portion of the gym.