9am Class — Family Day

9am Class — Family Day

9am class this Monday only.


Warm- up 

Bike/row/ski for 3 min
barbell roll , 60 sec per side
Quad/calve(partner up) / bicept
coaches notes: for the calve smash the athlete will lie on their stomachs and their partner will place the barbell on their calve and work it up and down slowly. We want to go right to the base of the shoe and up to the top of the calve. If the athlete finds a place that hurts they should tell their partner to stay on that spot. The partner can add intensity to the stretch by putting extra weight down on the bar.
EMOM for 6 min:
1- 60 sec wallballs 20/12
2- max burpees
coaches notes: burpees will be the new open standard. Have them burpee on the other side of the racks. This will be a leaderboard workout for the day (we will have three data points for todays session)

Weightlifting (12 min)

Clean and jerk ascending (6 x 1+2)

6 sets, 1 power clean and 2 jerks

Split or Push, work up to a heavy single
coaches notes: If you have newer athlete in class take them aside and work through the technique of both lifts. Key points today are proper footwork in the clean and fast hands in the jerk.
Amrap 7 minutes
16 DL @ 135/85
6 pull-ups
16 WB 20/12
athletes notes: the Deadlifts should be light for 16 reps. These should act as rest in this workout. the pull-ups should be easily unbroken and the wallballs should be done in two sets or less when fresh. Try and keep your transition times to a minimum and test the body by starting the next exercise earlier than you think you can.
coaches notes: I want full hip extension at the top of the deadlifts. If athletes are rushing the top, call them out on it.