Friday Jan 12th

Friday Jan 12th

Warm up 

EMOM 10 minutes
odd- Row 20 seconds + 4 empty bar jump squats
even- Row 20 seconds + 4 empty bar hang power snatch

coaches notes: this can be row/bike/ski or jump rope. Spend a few minutes going over the hang power snatch with dowels before starting this warm up


Squat snatch tech ( 5 min)
Work up to a 1 RM squat snatch (12 min)

athletes notes: for new athletes you can keep this bar lighter and work on technique. For those that struggle with the overhead squat position you can either power snatch or split snatch today instead.
coaches notes: focus athletes on their back posture and positioning in the first pull.


EMOM 20 minutes
odd- 40 DU + 8 OHS @ 95/65
even- 10/8 cal row + 5 bupees to a 45 lb plate

athletes notes: this will be tough, if you need to skip a minute, go
ahead. The goal is to get the work done in 50 seconds of less throughout the workout. On the OHS, I’d rather you scale the weight than the reps.  DU have to be done in 30 sec or less. For those without great double unders you can do single skips today. Same number. The only way you will get through this workout is if your overhead squat weight is very manageable. Those with poor overhead positions can front squat instead
coaches notes: rowing and burpees will be done on the rowers side of the gym. Double unders and overhead squats on the other side of the gym. Everyone doesn’t need their own bar unless they need a specific weight. Get athletes to pair up based on what barbell loads they are planning on using for the larger classes. That way one athlete can start on the DU and one can start on the row.