Lions Christmas Throw Down

Lions Christmas Throw Down

Doing something different this year for our Christmas celebration. On Saturday December 16th we start off with a Christmas themed partner workout at the gym. Starting time is 9:30am. Then we head over to Ride Cycle Club in Lower Lonsdale for a private class at 11:45am that our very own Meagan Corbett will be teaching. We will then head home for a shower and then meet at a TBD Restaurant for Lunch and cocktails. This is open to both athletes at the gym and their spouse. Those non CrossFitters are welcome to just do the RIDE session and then join us for lunch. Space is limited. email to register. More details to follow. Don’t wait to get your spot as I’m sure it will sell out.

Wednesday Workout


3 sets:
20m duck walk
Floor single arm press x8 per
German rotations x10
30 sec supinated bar hang
7 sets
A. 3 strict/weighted pull-ups
B. 12 single arm DB bench press
rest 90 sec

amrap in 6 min
10 pull-ups
8 power cleans
6 shoulder to overhead
after 6 min, rest 4 min and do the 6min amrap again.
Barbell weight RX=115/85 Lions= 155/105


5x 1min max cal ski, rest 60sec between