Monday March 12th

Monday March 12th



2 min cardio
2 sets:
hip circle sequence*
10 hip circle squats
10 hip circle glute bridges with 2 sec hold at the top
* with the band just above the knee get into a quarter squat with your knees pressed out into the band and walk sideways the length of the gym, the other sideways back and then walk forward and then backwards.

Weightlifting (20 min)

5×10 DB front squats*, while resting please complete a max set of strict pull-ups. You can rest as much as you like between sets.

*You must have a firm grasp of the DB with one head on your shoulders. This is strength training. Don’t be afraid to move up in load.

Metcon ( 18min) 

“Fight Gone Bad”
1 min for reps per station, 3 rounds
Wallballs 20/12
SDHP 75/55
Box Jumps 20/16
Push Press 75/55
Cal Row
rest 1 min
coaches notes: For larger classes have half the class start on the row and have the other half start on the wallballs. That way they can also share barbells as the two groups will never be on a barbell exercise at the same time. Wallball group will go to SDHP and Row group will go to wallballs. Everyone rests at the sametime.