Tuesday Aug 8th

Tuesday Aug 8th

Huge congrats are due to our very own Scott Tasaka who finished 8th in the world for his age division at the CrossFit Games this past weekend. That included two first place finishes. Lots more to come on this but we are so blessed to have an athlete of Scott’s caliber to try and keep up with day in and day out.

Tuesday Workout

3 rounds not for time:
200m farmers walk 35/20
10 air squats
5 bupees
200m run

EMOM for 12 min:
2 power cleans + 2 push jerks

complete 75 DB squats (35/20) for time:
Similar set that we saw at the games this weekend
each round is 2 min and we will do 4 rounds or less
at the beginning of each round you must complete 10 pull-ups + 10 box jumps (24/20), whatever time you have remaining in the 2 min you will get as many of the DB squats as possible. Rest 1 min and repeat. The pull-up number should be easily unbroken in round 1.

*note two dumbbells are used for the squats.