Tuesday Jan 2nd

Tuesday Jan 2nd

2018 is here boys and girls and we can’t wait to be a part of all of you getting after and smashing your goals for the year. If you don’t have any yet, please take the time to write a few down. Make them specific and measurable.

Tuesday January 2nd 

A. 5 min:
10 double unders/ 20 single skips
3 strict pull-ups / ring rows
6 push-ups
9 air squats
athlete notes: easy w/u pace here. push-up progression should not be super hard. 
supinated bar hang 45 sec
glute med activation 20 reps per side
coaches notes: glute med activation = for right glute med you stand next to the cage with your right hand on the cage and your left leg in the air. Let your right hip shift to the right and then you think about squeezing your right glute to pull it back to the left. Right leg should stay straight.

5×3 fast strict pull-ups w/ 3 sec rest at the bottom between reps
athlete notes: goal here to think about exploding up into each of the pull-ups reps. Pick a progression that allows you to do 5 or more strict pull-ups

For time (15 min time cap):
26 power cleans
26 shoulder to overhead
26 front squats
26 should to overhead
26 power cleans
Rx= 95/65
Lions = 135/95
athletes note: one weight on the barbell for all movements. The weakest movement will dictate the loading on the bar. You should be able to do 10 reps unbroken for each movement if you were doing that movement fresh and on its own.  Shoulder to overhead should be either a push press or push jerk.
coaches note:
 Take 7 min to go over the power clean, push jerk and front squat before the workout begins. If the athlete is new have them keep the weight very light and just use this opportunity to work technique. 

Core Work (time permitting or as extra)
50 v ups