Tuesday Jan 9th

Tuesday Jan 9th

Tuesday January 9th

If you arrive early and have some extra time then thank you, please get a roller and roll your quads or a lacrosse ball and roll your glutes and they will also thank you!!


A. Warmup

2mins skipping, biking or skiing
2mins rowing

then, as a group we will go over some positional clean warmups



B. 5mins to warm up power clean technique

10min EMOM:
2 Power cleans (not touch and go)

Athlete note: Build to a heavy double, don’t let yourself “starfish” or do anything wacky like that. This should be a squat clean where you just don’t end up going past parallel in the receiving position



C. “Elizabeth Plus”

In a 12min window, complete:
21 Cleans
21 Dips
15 Cleans
15 Dips
9 Cleans
9 Dips
AMRAP Calories on the rower or assault bike

Rx= 65/95# and Bar dips
Lions= 105/155# and Ring dips

Athletes note: Ring dips can be scaled to bar dips or box dips and all dips can be scaled to pushups. You should feel like you could do the first round in 3-4 sets at the difficulty you choose for the workout. Doing the round of 21 unbroken means you picked far too easy of a pushup progression.

Coaches note: Rower should be the first choice, if all are filled then use the assault bikes. If more than 10 athletes in the class then the remainders will do burpees instead of calories in the remaining time.



D. 7min abs!
L-side plank
Flutter kicks
R-side plank
Russian Twist
Middle plank

Athlete note: Focus on the quality of your planks and the tension and positions in your situp variations. If you feel your back extending and your abs getting long instead of short and tense then just take a break. Quality!