Wednesday Dec 6th

Wednesday Dec 6th

3 min rowing
2 min bottom of squat hold
2 sets:
scap pull-ups x8
seated DB press x8 per
Dowel Pass Overs x10


Press 5×5 at 90% of last Wed weight


emom for 18 min:
min1: 12/9 cal row
min 2: 10 push press 95/65 + 10 air squats
min 3: 8 pull-ups + 8 toes to bar

row should be done in 45 sec or less. If 12/9 cal takes you 30 sec than take the number up to 14/11. Push press should be comfortably unbroken, adjust up and down as needed. If you are worried about your hands getting sore on minute 3 you can do pull-ups + sit-ups as a sub.