Wednesday July 10th

Wednesday July 10th

Warm up

5 min cardio
3 sets:
10 curly jeffs
10 scap pull-ups
there and back duck walk

Push press & Push jerk tech (5 min) 
Push Press 3 rep max ( 12 min)
Push Jerk 2 rep max  ( 8 min)

athletes notes: be aware of the rebend of your knees on the push press. Its very common when things get heavy for athletes to want to drop themselves under the bar. That is not allowed in the push press. No split jerking for the push jerk portion. For the newer athletes don’t worry about working up to heavy loads just concentrate on continuing to improve your efficiency on the bar.


For Time (20 min time cap)
3 rounds
30/25 cal row/bike/ski
25 box jumps 24/20
20 toes to bar
athletes notes: must step down on the box jumps. Should be a comfortable jump height for you. For today I want athletes who can get even a few toes to bar to go for the RX movement and rep scheme. Too often athletes are afraid to get caught in workouts and to struggle. The struggle helps us grow. Have faith in yourself and go for it. If you don’t have toes to bar then pick a progression that allows you to do 5 or more in a row.