Wednesday May 17th

Wednesday May 17th

P1. Warmup
400m warmup jog

10 (per arm) Turkish getups. Focus on keeping the weight straight above you and being slow and controlled.
Warm up pullups

P2. Then 5mins to set up weights and scales for P3.

P3. Chipper, for time:
Run 800m (scale to a 1000m row)
70 Ab-Mat situps
60 Russian KB swings @ 16/24kg (Rx+ 24/32kg)
50 DB Push press @ 20/35#
40 Box jumps @ 20/24″
30 Pullups
20 Burpees
(Rx+ 10 Muscle ups)
Run 800m

P4. 4 rounds for quality:
20 Banded (or empty bar) good mornings
20 (per side) KB side bend