Tuesday CrossFit

CrossFit Lions East, CrossFit Lions West – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General

3 min:

20 sec easy cardio

10 sec hard cardio

B. Mobility

PNF lat stretch on bench

5 x

7 seconds pushing with your elbows against the box

7 seconds stretching, moving your upper body toward the ground


A: Metcon (Time)


For time (25 min time cap):

40 DB Step up over

100 Double unders

40 DB Thrusters

100 Double unders

40 DB Hang Clean and Jerk

100 Double unders

40 Devil press

Rx+ 50/35

Rx 35/20

Scaled 20/10
Larger classes can have half the athletes start on the step overs and half on the thrusters. Double single skips is the sub for the double under.

B: Metcon (No Measure)

Paused Strict TTB

Accumulate 30 repetitions
You can have up to 3 people per station. Quality over speed.

Athlete: – Pause in the ascent, 1-2 seconds

– Explode from the pause


Scale, place a bar low and a Med Ball behind your back, on low bar