CrossFit – Fri, Sep 30

CrossFit Lions West – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

6 min:

1- air squats

2- alternating single leg Romanian DL

3- bottom of squat hold

4,5- couch stretch

6- downward facing dog with a dynamic calf stretch

LIFT (No Measure)

Single Leg Skill Work:

3 sets:

2-3 Shrimp Squats per @2111 tempo

3-5 Pistols per @3111 temp

Rest as needed

Lower Work:

3 sets:

4 Deficit Clean Grip DL @2111 tempo

(Deficit = standing on a plate)

45s rest

8 Goblet Cyclist Squats @3111 tempo

45s rest

12 Alt SL DB Romanian DL @20×1 tempo

45s rest

* if you don’t have pistols, increase the shrimp squat number. Sub for shrimp squat is to do a pistol to a bench or box.

Metcon (No Measure)

4 sets:

250m Row at Easy

250m Row at Moderate

250m Row at Hard effort

200m light jog