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How much does CrossFit cost?
Your intro week is free. In this week, you can attend up to 3 of the 6 Foundation classes. We will go over the principles of the CrossFit training methodology as well as give you a taste of what a CrossFit workout is all about. The classes are held in a small group setting where you will be taught the Foundations of the CrossFit program. We will go over exercises such as the Clean and Jerk, Snatch, Overhead Squat, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Front Squat, Kipping Pullup, Ring Dip etc.

Once you have completed the Foundations Course, you may begin to attend CrossFit Classes. All our members workout within the class environment. Each class will be taught by a CrossFit certified coach. See the WOD page for class workout examples. You may also continue to work in a one on one environment if you prefer. This is recommended for those athletes who are having a difficult time with our foundational movements.

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What if I can't afford it?
If the cost of our memberships are outside your budget because you are just finishing school, still in school or something else in your life is going on, you can email me, and we can discuss possible options. No guarantees here but if there is someone I believe in I am going to do everything I can to get them training CrossFit at CrossFit Lions.
Athlete sponsorships are available upon request CrossFit is now the sport of fitness, and at CrossFit Lions, we are always looking to add top-flight athletes to our competitive team. Sponsorships, either full or partial, are available upon request. Also if you are training at an elite level of a different sport and wanting to use CrossFit as your strength and conditioning program, then please email me with details. If you are somebody who has never CrossFitted before but comes from a high-level athletic background, you may be eligible for a free membership. It never hurts to try.
Can girls do CrossFit?
If you’ve been peeking around at this CrossFit thing to see what it’s all about, and maybe are a little intimidated to try, I invite you to give it a go and see what you think. Don’t be scared off by the naysayers who think CrossFit is only for insane people, is too intense for the average Jane, or will cause you great physical harm. When done correctly, CrossFit is safe and effective and even fun! Here are 3 reasons why women should CrossFit:

  1. Cardio Queen Killer: I can’t tell you the numerous hours I’ve spent on stationary bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines. You know what? They get you nowhere fast quite literally. Actually, the end destination most times for me was Frustration-ville. It’s a horrible place to be when you’re trying to make healthy changes. I’m not saying that cardio workouts and machines are entirely useless for women. However, I never saw the same level of effectiveness on a machine as I do with the cross-training ways of CrossFit.
  2. Lift-and Still Look Like a Girl: If you steer clear of weight lifting for fear of looking like a man, it’s time to come to the lifting light. Strength training CrossFit or not is not the only way bulk comes to be. In fact, to look like Ms. Olympia (or even half her mass) has almost more to do with super strict diet and dedication than the iron she’s pumping (although, that certainly helps). Weightlifting is awesome for your body even when you’re not doing it. Cardio burns calories for the time that you’re doing it; strength training, on the other hand, keeps the caloric blaze a burning even while you re at rest. The result is a toned body and only a bulky one if you decide to build it so.
  3. Everyone Is Welcome: Can’t do a pull-up, let alone a muscle up? Guess what, I can’t either but I’m working on it, and you will too. True story: In my very first class, which was a beginner class, we had to do jump rope spins as part of the warm-up. I was a mess, so much so, that my coach had me jump in place, and hold the rope ends in one hand and spin it to my side. Yeah. I COULD NOT JUMP A ROPE. I may have felt like an ass for that moment, but now I can do double-unders and all because the exercises were broken down into levels I could handle. As I became better, I was advanced to take on more skill. That’s called scaling, and it’s how CrossFit can turn even seniors into competitive athletes.
What is a WOD?
WOD is the abbreviation for Workout of the Day. The great folks at CrossFit post WOD daily at the gym and on our website. The common splits are a) as posted, which is 3 days on/1 off, and b) 5 days on, two off. If you need an explanation on doing the WODs, check here or in the discussion board. Likely your question has been asked before.

Some insight and thoughts on sets and reps:

  • The WOD descriptions are very literal; don’t read into them. If it says squats it means bodyweight (aka air squats) no added weight, unless it says back squats or front squats.
  • A rep or repetition is one iteration of a movement. One bench press, one squat. A œset is a group of reps: 10 reps =10 bench presses, 10 squats. 3 sets is do a group of repetitions, rest, repeat, rest, repeat. So, 3 sets of 10 (reps) is 10/rest/10/rest/10. The rest interval is up to your recovery time, and the goal of the WOD. Obviously, if it’s a timed WOD, you want to rest less.
  • Also, rest and reps are frequently inverse. Sometimes a WOD says deadlift 3-2-2-1-1-1. This means a set of 3 reps, a set of 2 reps, another set of 2, a set of one aka a single. This few reps indicates maximal load, and indicates longer rest times.
  • Back to literal: if the WOD says 21-15-9 reps of bench and pull-ups in rounds (or any two or three exercises as given) you do 21 reps of exercise 1, followed by 21 reps of exercise 2, and 21 reps of exercise 3 if there is a third one. Now do 15 of the first, 15 of the second 9 of the first, 9 of the second.
  • Most likely you will be breaking the 21s and 15s (and maybe the 9s) into subsets, aka breakdowns. This is based on your strength and conditioning. Remember if you need to adjust the weight downward, do so, since these are timed WODs.
Will I, can I, get big doing CrossFit?
If you train the WODs hard, and eat right and get lots of sleep, you will definitely gain lean mass, lose fat, and yes, you can build muscle mass with the CrossFit protocol.

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