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Start Your CrossFit Journey With CrossFit Lions!

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Your first session at CrossFit Lions is FREE!! In the first three foundation classes, we will talk about the program, how it is implemented at CrossFit Lions, answer any questions you may have and then throw down a short workout. The workouts are inclusive and something any athlete on Earth can do but at the same time it is challenging even for the fittest individuals. One big thing we want prospective clients to gain from this session is an understanding of what CrossFit is all about and if CrossFit Lions is the right gym for them to start their CrossFit journey.

CrossFit is not as hard as you think and no you don’t need to be in a great shape first before giving it a try. Come check out our gym, meet our team and have a fun workout. There is no starting cost. Your first session at CrossFit Lions is FREE! Schedule your free session below.