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Picking a new gym is hard

New people, new programming and new space. I get it. That is why I offer existing CrossFit athletes a free one session trial at CrossFit Lions. That way you can get a good feel for our gym, coaches and programming.

Speaking of programming. We follow a modified version of DEKA Comp for our class programming. DEKA Comp is owned and run by 7 times CrossFit Games athlete Michelle Letendre who currently coaches some of CrossFit’s best athletes, including the resent 2nd fittest man on eart Patrick Vellmer. I take what Michelle is looking to accomplish each day and modify it to fit into an hour class and be appropriate for a more diverse fitness level. Its a very periodized approach to CrossFit and we have been very happy with its results so far.

The most equipment rich CrossFit gym per square foot on planet earth

Your membership will give you access to all our classes. The gym is basic in its design but packed full of all the right toys. Concept 2 bikeergs, Concept 2 skiergs and Rogue Echo Bikes just to name a few.

CrossFit Lions is having its 10 year anniversary in February 2019. We have the experience, programming and the latest CrossFit equipment to take your fitness wherever you want it to go.  Don’t take my word for it though, sign up for your free week now and see for yourself.

To get your free session please email me, chris@crossfitlions.com, and I’ll get you squared away. Have fun, lift some weights, get sweaty and kick a little ass.

Current CrossFitter (Visitor)

If you CrossFit at another CrossFit affiliated gym and are from out of town we would love to have you join us for a class at CrossFit Lions. One of my favorite things is to welcome CrossFitters from other parts of the world into our family for however long they are here. Please email chris@crossfitlions.com so we know to watch out for you.

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