Covid Prodedures


Sept 3rd, 2020

* If you are sick, in any way, please stay at home. CrossFit Lions is not the place to “sweat out” your cold.

We will add to and enforce the “Three Pillars” to protect the gym and our community going forward. Gym Setup, Athlete Responsibility and Coach’s Responsibility.

I want this to be very clear before I go into these. This applies to all of you, even if you have tested positive for the virus in the past or assume you have had the virus at some point this year. For our purposes, that is not relevant. I also want to apologize if this comes across as harsh or me preaching to you. It is what it is at this point.


  • Workout stations will decrease by 1 for each class. The station in front of my office is back to being the coaches area so they can maintain physical distancing during class. Sunday’s SPRINT class will have 10 stations (a 2nd SPRINT class for Sunday will likely be added)
  • Decrease the need to have to walk through other stations to get equipment. Added plate storage in applicable stations, plus bands and rollers. Potentially some DB and KB as well.
  • Better air flow. Fans will be setup to push the old air out, so new fresh air can come in. They are no longer used to keep you cool in a wod. One of our members, who is a professor at SFU, is helping me with this. Thank you Max for that.
  • 50 min classes so there is less contact between classes


  • Physical Distancing will be maintained at all times inside and outside of CrossFit Lions. The only exception to this is family members. Friends who are in your bubble are NOT family and you have to keep physical distance at all times while on property at Lions.
  • Masks are now mandatory when you step on the property. You may take your mask off when you are in your station. If at anytime you need to leave your station, you MUST put your mask back on. This includes going to washroom, needing to get or change equipment and any other reason for leaving your workout square during class. Your mask then goes back on when you are leaving the gym and please wear till you are off property. This is becoming common place in gyms around Vancouver and the world.
  • These rules include OPEN GYM. If you are attending Open Gym you have to stay in your workout square at all times. You cannot use multiple squares or parts of the gym to workout in. There are no exceptions to this. You are allowed to grab weights, DB or KB. You are not allowed to move the cardio equipment around or hop on a pull-up bar or rings that is not in your station.
  • Use of hand sanitizer pre and post workout.
  • Continue to wipe down your equipment.


  • Where a mask at all time when not in the coach’s area
  • Try and maintain physical distance even when you are having to give a note or coaching cue. That will not always be possible but we will try our best. Again we will have a mask on when doing this. (coaches will likely be turning down the music more often so when they have to give a note to an athlete, they don’t have to yell through a mask in order to do so.)
  • Enforce our rules and procedures. We as coaches are not the police, but in today’s world this is a responsibility that we are going to do our best at.
  • Make sure you are still enjoying your workout..I would have put this number one but since this email is about COVID procedures, its down here. This is still our primary job!!

What to expect when coming to class

  • It starts with you at home. Are you feeling sick in anyway? If you are then please stay at home
  • Sign up for class ahead of time
  • Show up to class 5 min before class time in your workout gear and with a full water bottle. You must wear your mask on property until you get into your workout square.
  • Pick a workout square and immediately head to that area with your belonging in tow
  • Sanitize your hands with the provided hand sanitizer (you can also wash your hands while keeping social distancing from other athletes and with your mask on)
  • Be ready for class to begin right at the start time
  • Smash your workout and listen for your coach as they will be yelling cues from a safe distance
  • Clean your equipment with provided cleaning solution
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Give yourself and only yourself a high five and continue on with your day


  • Once you leave the coach will then give another wipe down of your area.
  • This protocol may change at any time based on the guidelines from Work Safe BC
  • Only registered athletes will be allowed in the gym
  • You must sign up for class
  • No shows or late cancellations will come with a penalty
  • Once the initial schedule is set an email will go out with our sign up times and rules